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CFMOTO Cforce 1000 EPS 2019


The CFORCE 1000 EPS has all the features you would expect from this caliber of quad. The 80 HP V-Twin engine puts out 25% more power then the CFORCE 850 EPS, Bosch EFI, electronic power steering (EPS), selectable 4WD, all 4 wheel disc braking, adjustable independent suspension, long wheelbase ??? dual seat, 14 alloy wheels with aggressive 27 inch CST tyres and the list goes on. A key feature is that the CFORCE 1000 EPS is the first CFMoto ATV that comes with a limited slip differential (LSD). The key benefits are during slow maneuvers it avoids ripping up the ground, the LSD allows the ATV to have a tighter turning circle making it more manoeuvrable in tighter terrain. Lastly the LSD helps manage rear wheel traction so the rider can focus on where they are heading, rather than being concerned about which drive mode to select. The CFORCE 1000 EPS comes with a 2 year factory warranty and is available in either orange or camouflage.

Location: Prospect
Colour: Check with seller
Drive Type: Check with seller
Engine Configuration: Check with seller
Fuel Tank Size(Litre): Check with seller
Gears: 1
Model: CFORCE 1000 EPS
Year: 2019
Cylinder: Check with seller
Engine Size(cc): 963
Transmission: Check with seller
Type: Check with seller
odometer: Check with seller


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